Colorful Carb Kickstart Online Nutrition and Health Course

Colorful Carb Kickstart

A SIMPLE plan to kickstart your health | Author Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
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Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD

About the Instructor

Don’t feed your predisposition for disease, take action using my Colorful Carb Kickstart plan to start controlling weight and turning off your disease genes TODAY!

Enroll in my Colorful Carb Kickstart and become eligible for a discount on my Healthy Food - Happy Genes™ Lifestyle Course!

In the Colorful Carb Kickstart series, you'll get access to 3 short videos over 3 days PLUS worksheets, cheatsheets, and other downloads that provide you with a super SIMPLE plan to change the single most important food in your diet to help you kickstart your health.

  • You'll discover that a common myth about carbs is actually based on misunderstood information
  • You'll learn which foods turn ON and OFF disease genes and how they do it
  • I reveal the number 1 enemy that interferes with weight control and leads to preventable chronic disease
  • I provide you with the 3 steps to kickstart your health in an easy and sustainable way
  • You'll gain control of your health and genes by following my SUPER SIMPLE Colorful Carb Kickstart plan

Course Contents

3 Videos
4 PDFs