30 Veggie Brekkies Recipes

30 Veggie Brekkies Cookbook

Creating Happy Genes, One Breakfast at a Time | Author Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
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Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD

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Impact your genes in a positive way with food!

Get out of the toast, cereal, and pancake rut...Replace white processed carbs at breakfast with colorful carbs from nature to help you control weight and start turning OFF disease genes.

The "30 Veggie Brekkies" cookbook is a great tool to kick start each morning with a quick and yummy recipe PLUS evidence-based nutrition tips and trivia to empower you (and your family) to make healthier choices every day.

These breakfast ideas don’t have fancy names or fancy ingredients. They’re made with everyday vegetables, and no measuring is necessary. All you need is 5 to 20 minutes, a knife, a skillet, and a few ingredients There are no rules, just chop, cook (sometimes), and eat.

Not only do you get a downloadable grocery list that includes all of the vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fat sources, and spices & herbs for all 30 breakfasts - but the chapters are broken out into 5 major "base" vegetables such as Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, etc, so that you can quickly find your favorites.

You have the ability to impact your future in a positive way by choosing to eat healthy food from nature and giving your genes the right tools to help you become healthy and happy!

I hope these veggie brekky ideas empower you, as they have me, to take action and take control of your health and genetic destiny.

To your health and happy genes!


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30 VEGGIE BREKKIES COOKBOOK - Vegetable Recipes & Gene-friendly Tips for the Next 30 Days